R material for "Nonparametric and Semiparametric Models" 

R scripts
R package gplm

In the following you find some R script files for:

In some cases the script file names are identical to the original XploRe file names used in the textbook. In these cases, the implemented functionality is nearly equivalent. In all other cases, the implemented functionality is mostly similar but not equivalent to the original XploRe files.

Note: The data sets stockres.txt, buffa.txt, fes76.txt, bostonh.txt can be found at MD*Base (see http://sfb649.wiwi.hu-berlin.de/fedc/database_new/useDB.php?id=29), where you can also find a description of the data file contents.

R scripts

R package gplm (under development)
Note: The package has been renamed to gplm (the former name was KernGPLM). Until now, the gplm package is not required for the R scripts above, however this is to be changed in the future (hopefully :-)).

Marlene Müller, April 2016